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I have never felt so taken care of or appreciated by anyone in my life! Being here is so amazing that I really never want to leave! The food is really good and I have hardly even touched the snacks I thought I would be living off of! My cabins have been so energetic and fun despite all the challenges we have lost. I have gotten two mud facials, an ice bucket, three dinner dates, one eating with no hands, blowing kisses to the boys cabin, and bed head as consequences so far! I have without a doubt made life long friendships, and I am already planning my return to India to see all of them again! I don't care that I didn't get to travel all of India to see the sights, I would give that up time and time again to be able to serve these kids. India was a place I never thought I would want to go to, and yet it has become a place most dear to me. Phoebe Peickert

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