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WHEN-dia (when in India)

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A lot of firsts have occurred throughout this trip. I flew on an airplane, left the country, I've seen a wild monkey, taken my first bucket shower. Something that isn't new however is the effects that the Swamp culture has on the hearts of everyone involved. As I've said in at least one previous blog post written about the camp in the States is the liberation the Swamp culture gives you to be completely comfortable with in yourself. I've spent this second week as a worker rather than a camper and it's given me more of an opportunity to take a back seat and observe the camp as a whole. As the butterflies wear off from first arriving to camp, the campers have morphed into make-shift families within their "cabins". And as the work wears the workers down we've become a closer knit team. These two weeks in India have been an experience that will forever be distinguished by whirl-winds of home sickness, regular sickness, laughter, tears, and wonderful people. Sydney

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