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The Warmest Welcome

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After an uneventful plane ride (the best kind) albeit a little bumpy a couple of times we landed safely and proceeded to go through empty passport control lines. Waiting for us was Rudy and Mirna, leaders of the Managua church who helped us get through passport control and customs via their much-needed Spanish-to-English trslation skills. Kyle Halstater was instrumental as well. Overall very efficient and quick for 43 people.

Once through we packed 5 taxi vans and a couple of cars and were off to the church building about 30 min WY. Upon arrival we were greeted with silence and anticipation then a bunch of holloring and music and a group of costumed dancers welcomed us with song and dance followed by joyous hugs, screams, laughter and tears, in a few cases. It was so encouraging and a bit overwhelming at how special we all felt. I can't imagine the work and effort it took to put this on. After a few minutes of intense greetings we were introduced to our host families and then off to bed--well i hope. This morning we meet to head to the camp to start training and set up for camp and prepare for the kids arrival tomorrow.

More to come, Jeff

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