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Mud Facials in India

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The kids have all arrived and we have successfully survived day two and the majority of day three of Camp Swamp India 2017. Despite having to conquer language barriers and the spicy food we have more than enjoyed our time here so far! We have had two storms so far which has interfered with playing a game of Swamp ball but we have not let it stop us. We all cram into the hall for an impromptu dance party. Within my own cabin, Girls 5, I have asked my girls to teach me different words in Hindi and watch as they laugh at my horrible pronunciation. We have had 5 challenges and the consequences aren't pretty. I just came back from washing off a lovely mud facial I recieved after losing a limbo challenge to Boys 5! The day is coming to an end and we will soon have our night devotional but in the mean time I should be getting back to the dance party. Rachel H.

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