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Today we wrap up the last full day of camp feeling fulfilled, loved, and exhausted. The two weeks of camp we had very different groups with distinct needs and desires at camp. For Jacob, week one was full of deep talks and a group that was bonded from day one while week two was a bit challenging. Though difficult, he saw a huge change as a diverse group bonded and worked to respect each other and set an example at camp. For Anna Claire, week one was all about fun and relationship building and week two gave a lot of opportunities to talk about convictions, give advice, and just grow closer spiritually.

While the two weeks were really different, neither was "better" or "worse" but both had moments that encouraged us to remember that we really are here for a reason. It has been VERY hard coming as a married couple since we stayed apart during the week and we are in a country where PDA is nonexistent. We must extend a huge thank you to Abraham and Julie who treated us to a night in a beautiful hotel with air conditioning and ice cream (Anna Claire's current idea of heaven.) In the times between as we spend time putting on camp, both of us have really learned about our communication and what is needed to show one another love. It has also been a great reminder that sometimes God has plans for us to serve in ways that aren't the most comfortable or easy, but that the reward of connecting people to Him is more than worth it.

We are really excited to be home but are sure that tomorrow will bring all the sadness of realizing we don't know when we will see these dear friends again. For now, we have about 24 hours so time to head back and love up on our campers and the Indian Swamp team!

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