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Good morning everyone back home. What an amazing day so far! We got to sleep around 2am and then met for breakfast at 7:30. There to greet us was the Cambodian team all decked out in their Swamp Camp Cambodia tee shirts. What?! Then Luana from Brazil walks in followed by Olaowalu from Nigeria. It was electric even though none had gotten much sleep.

After eating we boarded our bus at 9:00am and arrived at the camp around 2:30 stopping once for a bathroom break and once to let the engine cool before we headed up the mountain.

We climbed over 3,300 feet and arrived at camp where we promptly went to lunch. We are now resting before we start training and then have dinner at 8pm.

What an amazing, historical day for Camp Swamp India. Tomorrow the kids will start arriving. Get this: Two groups are riding a train overnight then a bus for several hours. One from Mumbai (100) and the other from Kerala (76). This amazes me. More from the others in the group later today. Much love, Jeff.

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