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Just a quick note to say we landed safely. Waiting for our last leg and looking for food. Already met someone from Manchester England who is traveling to his home. (Not the person with the headdress... that's Rachel! Ha ha) He was excited suggesting food places where we are heading. Team slept well and is in good spirits. There is a small amount of tension from the unknown but even it is overshadowed by the excitement of meeting the campers and arriving. Of course the first security check one of us gets pulled aside for having a forgotten knife in his bag. Won't mention who...let you guess. Ha ha. So that was a brief moment of excitement as they asked for his passport but it was settled quickly and we went on our way. The airport in which we are laying over is modern, big and beautiful but oddly empty for its size. Perhaps more people will show up. We are about to take communion. Thanks for continued prayers. Pray specifically for energy. Much love Jeff

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