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Actions Speak Volumes!

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This is my first time being a part of Swamp Corps. On the first day I was already blown away by God's love through his people here. Many of us don't speak the same language but sometimes it's almost as if there isn't even a language barrier. Without even being able to understand each other I still feel and see the love that everyone has. Being here has shown me how actions truly do speak louder than words. God's glory has definitely been shown this week and we are only half way done with the week. I can't imagine what else God has in store for the rest of my time here. I know he has an amazing plan for everyone here and has brought us all here for a reason. Despite how far we came to be here and despite the different languages we are all still here and unified by God. We aren't unified by our words but through God we are unified through our actions and love. Words just don't give this experience the justice it deserves. I am overflowing with encouragement from everyone who is making this camp possible. I am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to have a taste of what heaven is like.
-Parker Helton

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