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900 Bug Bites and Counting....

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Holã amigos, its Cristi Tanner and Helen Abernethy! We are having an AMAZING time at camp. So far we have made lots of friends, lots of jokes, and lots of memories! My (Helen) favorite part of camp so far has been getting to know so many new people and getting closer to God. My (it's Cristi hey fam) favorite part is that the language barrier doesn't hinder the love shared by all of us. Today is my birthday and my Nicaraguan cabin mates woke up at 5 to try to sing me Happy Birthday in English! The encouragement and love shared here is truly unparalleled. The bugs are eating our legs but the Nicaraguans are eating our hearts! ;) Love, Helen and Cristi PS HIIIIII MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

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